Meghan Markle disapproves of Serena Williams reuniting with ex Drake.

Meghan Markle disapproves of Serena Williams reuniting with ex Drake.


In a surprising turn of events, tennis superstar Serena Williams has said “yes” to a marriage proposal from her former boyfriend, the renowned rapper Drake. The unexpected announcement came as a shock to many, particularly to Alexis Orhanina, who was reportedly in tears upon hearing the news.

Serena and Drake’s relationship has been a subject of speculation and public interest for quite some time, given their on-again, off-again status. However, it seems that love has found its way back to their hearts as they embark on this new chapter together.


Tears fill Alexis Orhanina's eyes as Serena Williams agrees to marry her former flame, Drake.

While details about the proposal remain scarce, it’s evident that emotions are running high for all parties involved. Alexis Orhanina’s reaction, in particular, has garnered attention, leaving fans wondering about the intricacies of their past relationships.


Tennis world left in shock as Serena Williams tearfully hands her new baby, Adira River, over to her real dad, Drake.

As the world eagerly anticipates more information about this surprising development, one thing is for certain: the union of Serena Williams and Drake is bound to make headlines for quite some time.


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