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“Lucky to have you as a big bro,” Travis Kelce joyfully celebrates the 37th birthday of his brother, Jason Kelce.



"Lucky to have you as a big bro," Travis Kelce joyfully celebrates the 37th birthday of his brother, Jason Kelce.


In a heartwarming celebration of brotherhood, NFL star Travis Kelce recently expressed his immense gratitude, saying, “I am so lucky having you as a big bro,” as he joyfully marked the 37th birthday of his elder sibling, Jason Kelce.

The Kelce family gathered for a memorable celebration, creating an atmosphere filled with warmth and camaraderie. Travis Kelce, known for his prowess on the football field, took a break from his busy schedule to honor and celebrate the life of his brother, Jason, a milestone that holds special significance in their close relationship.

The joyous occasion was marked by laughter, shared memories, and a strong sense of familial love. Travis Kelce, who is no stranger to success in the NFL, publicly acknowledged the importance of family bonds in his life, especially the role of his big brother, Jason.

As Travis joyfully celebrated alongside family and friends, the sentiment of luck in having Jason as a big brother resonated with those who witnessed the celebration. The birthday event became an opportunity for reflection on the cherished moments and unwavering support that define the Kelce brothers’ relationship.

"From the very start, my heart has been singing love songs for her, my forever wife". And would you believe it? The Kelce brothers, Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce, are practically floating on clouds of joy as their mom and dad twirl back into each other's arms after a whimsical 25-year dance of separation.

In the midst of their respective careers in professional sports, the Kelce brothers took a moment to appreciate the enduring bond that extends beyond the football field. Jason Kelce’s 37th birthday celebration was not just a personal milestone but also a testament to the significance of familial connections in the lives of these accomplished athletes.

Travis Kelce’s public expression of gratitude adds a touching and relatable dimension to the lives of these sports figures, reminding fans that even in the spotlight, family remains a grounding and cherished aspect of their lives. As the joyful celebration unfolded, it was clear that for Travis Kelce, expressing his luck in having Jason as a big brother was a sincere and heartfelt tribute on this special occasion

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