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Kylie Kelce Jokingly Calls Out Husband Jason After He ‘Left Her Out to Dry’ on a Skiing Vacation



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The Philadelphia Eagles center recalled the trip on the latest episode of his and brother Travis’ podcast “New Heights”


Kylie Kelce Jokingly Calls Out Husband Jason After He 'Left Her Out to Dry' on a Skiing Vacation

Kylie Kelce may be a former field hockey player, but she’s still remembering a certain ski vacation with her husband Jason Kelce that put her athletic skills to the test.

The Philadelphia Eagles center, 36, discussed the fateful — and hilarious — trip with his brother Travis Kelce during this week’s episode of their New Heights podcast.

“We went to Aspen for the Winter X Games,” Jason said. “We get to the place and the instructor is like, ‘What’s your experience level skiing?’”


While the Eagles star shared with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end that he hadn’t skied in “over a decade,” that didn’t stop him from wanting to ski the mountain with Kylie, 31 — who had never skied before, he said

“I was like listen Ky, it’s not that hard — pizza, french fry, you’ll be fine,” Jason recalled saying, referring to the ski positions in which the tips of the skis are pointed towards one another and when they are parallel.

“Pizza, french fry!” Travis, 34, interjected, laughing.

Jason said he figured if Kylie went at her “own pace,” she’d be fine.

“We get off that lift and right away pizza ain’t slowing her down, she’s pizza-ing and she is pizza-ing down the mountain,” the father of three joked.



Despite trying to help Kylie slow herself down, Jason said that by adjusting his own pace, he “almost” dislocated his hip in the process.

Eventually, the pair made it down the advanced slope, with Kylie pulling up 20 minutes later when Jason and Travis were apparently on their second beer at the bar.

“I left her out to dry again,” Jason recalled.

From Kylie’s perspective, the experience was certainly memorable. She reposed the podcast clip on her Instagram Story on Thursday and called out her husband for hanging her out to dry.

“The equipment rental woman’s exact words to me were, ‘You shouldn’t be here,’ ” Kylie wrote on her Instagram Story alongside the clip.

But she added a “shout out” to Keelie Anderson, wife of former Eagles safety Colt Anderson, “for being the most patient human on the planet” that day, after Keelie helped Kylie down the mountain.


This is far from the first time Jason has abandoned his wife mid-vacation — and told the tale on the podcast. Back in November, he recounted a 2016 trip to Maui when the couple went paddleboarding and a man in the group yelled that he was getting attacked by a shark — Jason’s biggest fear.

“I hightailed in reverse,” he said. “I don’t ask questions. I’m not asking questions. This motherf—er just yelled ‘Shark!’ I am headed inland!”

“Kylie is like, ‘Where are you going, J?'” Jason continued. “I didn’t even say a word. I just kept going straight. I was in full panic mode.”

Kylie later confronted him about not even shouting out the word “shark” as he ran out of the water, Jason said, adding, “She was not happy about it.”

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