Brittany Mahomes: “The Real Reason why my mother Diana Massey divorced my father Scott Matthews and got married again”

Brittany Mahomes Parents Diana Massey and Scott Matthews

Brittany Mahomes parents are Diana Massey and Scott Matthews. Brittany grew up in Texas with her two brothers Devin and Landon. Brittany is a licensed personal fitness instructor and entrepreneur. According to her Instagram, Britanny is also a co-owner of a professional women’s soccer team, Kansas City Current.

Her mother divorced Martin Scott and got married to Paul Massey. Paul sadly passed away in 2018. Britanny tied the knot with NFL star Patrick Mahomes and the couple has two kids, Sterling Skye and Patrick Lavon.

She celebrated Patrick’s super bowl victory on February 12, 2023, as the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles by a narrow margin of 38-35. Brittany jumped from her seat and ran the entire field to hug and kiss Mahomes.

Brittany Mahomes Mother Diana

Brittany Mahomes Parents Diana Massey and Scott Matthews

Brittany Mahomes mom Diana Massey is a healthcare professional who works at UT Health East Texas. Diana is a Physical Therapist Associate. She is from Whitehouse in Texas. Born in 1965, the 57-year-old is still very close to her. Diana attended Kilgore College before joining the University of Texas at Tyler.

Brittany’s mom is a frequent face in her Instagram posts, particularly at those big events such as baby showers, gender reveal parties and other celebration-worthy moments.

Besides, Diana often joins Brittany in a football match to watch Patrick play during an NFL season. She shared a beautiful image with her daughter as they watched the game from an audience stand-in September 2022.

Patrick Mahomes took his kids to Disneyland after winning the Super Bowl

Similarly, she was at Brittany’s second baby shower festivity in October 2022. Diana shared pictures from the day, congratulating them on their upcoming baby boy.

Moreover, Diana attended Brittany and Patrick’s wedlock in March 2022. She wore a long black cowl dress that matched her husband’s black suit and pants. “Very special Day!! Love you both!!! Mr & Mrs. Patrick Mahomes,” she captioned the post on her Instagram.

Diana herself has been married three times. She first got hitched to Brittany’s father, Mr. Matthews, but parted ways when Brittany was still a child.

“Brittany Mathew Read the Pregnancy Test” and it was positive;Patrick Mahomes SAID HE IS NOT READY FOR THIRD BABY.

Then she exchanged a vow with a man named Paul Massey. Britanny was very close to her stepdad Paul, and she would send him greetings every year on Father’s Day.

Unfortunately, Paul suffered from a cerebrovascular condition while attending one of Patrick’s NFL games. He suddenly fell and hit the floor outside Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas.

Though the paramedics came right off, they could not save him. According to her Facebook profile, Diana married another guy in 2021. In addition, she also changed her last name from Massey to Zoellner Lindenberg. However, she did not reveal the identity of the lucky man.

Brittany Mahomes and Diana Massey enjoying

Brittany’s Instagram is filled with pictures of them. The two are constantly by each other’s side, basking in the joy of their love, much like two youthful, enamored lovers.

Brittany Mahomes Dad

Brittany Mahomes biological father Martin Scott Matthews is a project manager and executive head at Huntzinger Management Group.

Scott has been involved in the healthcare sector for more than three decades. Moreover, for the past twenty years, he has been working with IT professionals to bring the two different disciplines under one roof to bring out the best of both.

His Linkedin states the Texas native is a Healthcare IT Leader who recently joined Huntzinger in June 2022. Before that, Mr. Matthews served as a Director of the information technology department at Legacy Community Health.

After graduating from UT Tyler in 1996, Martin worked his way out in many healthcare institutions as an intern before landing a full-time job at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas as a group manager.

Brittany Mahomes celebrates FathersDay with Paul in June 2016

A few other medical facilities he blended into are Ohio Health, UCI Health, University of Miami Health System, NYC Health, Froedtert Health, and more.

Despite not growing up with her dad, Brittany is still very close to him. Matthews often visits her house and spend some good time with her talking about all the new thing happening in the lives of both.

In September 2017, the former soccer player shared a picture of herself with him, flaunting their biceps for the camera. Similarly, she has also uploaded a few images with her stepdad Paul. Brittany was fortunate to receive unconditional love from two fathers. But Paul was half as fortunate as her.

Both his children, Lance and Jennifer Massey passed away prematurely. Lance left the world in 2005, while Jennifer took her last breath in 2013.

Brittany Mahomes Siblings

Brittany has only one direct sibling, his older brother Devin Matthews. She also has a half-brother Landon Massey. Devin is a proud navy sailor serving the country with unwavering devotion and pride. Brittany has held his head high because of him.

Besides, he highly supports her sister and has maintained a warm and close relationship with her. Brittany also remains close to her stepbrother Landon. He is the son of Diana. Besides that, Mahomes has two more half-siblings, Lance and Jennifer, born to Paul.
More On The Mahomes Family Life

Brittany has created her own tight knit family of four with husband Patrick Mahomes. She is raising two kids Sterling and Bronze in Kansas.

The Kansas City Current co-owner met Patrick while attending Whitehouse High School in Texas. After dating for many years, the sweet couple announced their engagement in September 2020.

Patrick Mahomes’ Fiancée Brittany Matthews Celebrates Bachelorette Weekend With Friends

At the end of the same month, the Mahomes duo gave another good news to their fans as they revealed they were expecting their first baby together. In an Instagram post, Brittany dropped her pregnancy picture and a sonogram scan.

In December 2020, the couple hosted a baby shower party inviting their close friend and family circle. Nevertheless, in February 2021, they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Sterling Skye Mahomes.

Brittany took to her social media to share a picture of the sweet moment when the newborn grasped onto her finger. A year after they were blessed with Sterling, Brittany and Patrick walked down the aisle in March 2022.

Brittany Mahomes with Martin during her graduation in May 2017
Brittany Mahomes with Martin during her graduation in May 2017

Then at the end of May, the pair announced they were waiting for baby number two. Their second kid, boy child Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III, arrived on November 28, 2022.

The family of four had their moments at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, after Patrick and his team won the coveted Super Bowl event as they were crowned the champion of NFL 2022.

Britanny shared joyful moments from the memorable night on her Instagram.


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